Have You Left Australia?


If you have lived and worked in Australia, and now you have left, you may need to file a tax return in order to get your tax refund.

Tax Focus can prepare your Australian income tax return and get it lodged and refunded to you without you having to come back to Australia. Even though you may no longer be a resident, you may have been an Australian resident for tax purposes in the year that you were here. Whether or not you were a resident is a question of fact, and we can advise you on whether you meet the criteria.

If you have left Australia, and want to lodge a tax return, we can prepare and lodge it for you from $165, and we accept either direct deposit or visa and master credit cards.

It costs you nothing to find out what you’re entitled to, so why not give us a call on + 61 4 9416 7600
 contact us online.

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